Tourist Tax Explainer: How 2024’s New Rates Impact Your Stay at Disneyland Paris

The Paris tourist tax is a compulsory tax that all visitors to the French capital aged 18 or over have to pay when staying overnight on a per person, per night basis. Unbeknown to many, the tax has actually been in place for just over 30 years now with the intention of contributing to the wider development, upkeep and promotion of tourism in the region.



It’s not just France that tourist taxes are charged, other EU nations such as Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and the Netherlands all apply a tourist tax to those staying in the large cities too. Thankfully, these fees are fairly small, usually a few euros per night.



However, with the Olympics heading to Paris this year, the French government have taken the decision to increase these tourist taxes in order to compensate for the influx of tourists expected during the Olympic Games. It can be quite difficult to find accurate information online especially when its regarding foreign policy, so we hope this short blog post will paint a more accurate picture for those wondering if Disneyland Paris guests will be affected.



All guests staying overnight in Disneyland Paris, and indeed all hotels in the Ile-de-France region, will be affected by the increased tourist tax rates, and the amount you pay depends on the standard of accommodation you are staying in.



Here’s a breakdown of the new increased tourist tax rates for Disney Hotels within Disneyland Paris (and also applicable to Disney Area Hotels too depending on the ‘star’ rating):


Disneyland Hotel: 10.73 EUR

Disney Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel: 8.13 EUR

Disney Newport Bay Club: 8.13 EUR

Disney Sequoia Lodge: 5.20 EUR

Disney Hotel Cheyenne: 5.20 EUR

Disney Hotel Santa Fe: 3.25 EUR

Disney Davy Crockett Ranch: 2.60 EUR


These rates are normally factored in to your total accommodation price when booking, however Disneyland Paris confirmed that for customers booking between 19th December 2023 and 1st January 2024 the incorrect tax has been charged, we have been asked to collect this on Disneyland Paris’ behalf in advance of customers arriving at the resort and for those yet to pay their balance travelling later this year, this nominal difference will be added to their balance.


We hope this blog has cleared up any confusion and provides you with accurate information regarding your stay at Disneyland Paris. We hope you have a magical time.